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DGAP Review Meeting

DGAP Review Meeting and development of resource pack on best practices in Democratic Governance and Accountability in Uganda Venue: Ridar Hotel Seeta 13th to 15th August 2013

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 August 2013 11:51
Red Card for Tax expenditures in Uganda

Tax expenditures comprising of tax incentives, exemptions and subsidies take the form of either permanent exclusion from all or certain taxes, deductions, deferrals of tax liability, credits against tax, or special rates. These constitute a relief given to a particular person, sector or activity which translates into taxes forfeited by government in order for a given policy objective to be realized.

Capacity Building

The DGAP Programme Management Unit (PMU) through its Capacity Building component organises internal trainings and other meeting sessions for the Programme beneficiary institutions and grantees


Programme ManagerThe Democratic Governance and Accountability Programme (DGAP) is a three-year programme funded under the 10th European  Development Fund (EDF) of the European Union (EU). DGAP is host to a combination of efforts by the Government of Uganda Institutions, the European Union and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) (National and International) to contribute to the evolution of an environment where citizens enjoy their basic and fundamental rights as a precursor to effecting positive change in their socio-economic and political well-being.

Democratic Accountability

Within a constitutional system is a relationship in which people in authority are accountable to the public. The key challenges in the area of Democratic Accountability addressed by DGAP; Ugandan stakeholders have limited experience on the functioning of the multi-party democracy

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